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Reduction of Switching Noises in Multilayer PCB Technology Using EBG Structure

The undertaking comprise of reduction of signal integrity issues using two dimensional electromagnetic band gap for noise mitigation in printed circuit boards. Results confirm the reliability of 2D Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) for noise mitigation and improve the signal quality.


Achievement: Published in IJAST Journal, May 2019.

Name of Researcher: Fahad Bilal.


Comparative Analysis of Cmos CNFET & Memristor Based Full Adder

This venture looked at the presentation boundaries, for example Power Delay Product (PDP), Propagation Delay, Power Consumption and Area Utilization of CMOS CNFET, memristor based full adder circuit using Cadence Virtuoso simulator software. It is executed at 45nm and 180nm technology.

Achievement: Presented in International Conference

Name of the students: Rumaisa Uzma, Javeria, Shabnam Bano.

Name of Guide: Prof. Shahezad Mobeen, Prof. Faheem Ansari

Softwares used: Cadence Virtuoso, Hspice


Ac & Dc Motor Drive

The undertaking depends on the structure of firing circuit to trigger the SCR utilized in single stage half controlled converter to drive a DC motor and AC controller to drive a single phase induction motor.


Name of the students: Sayyad Ammara

Guide: Prof. Shahezad Mobeen


Android Based Home Automation System Using IoT

This undertaking depends on use of Internet of things in home automation. The distinctive home apparatuses like Tube Light, Fan, Air Condition and Refrigerator are controlled remotely utilizing android application at anyplace whenever. This venture enables the crippled and matured old to individuals.


Name of the students: Fahad Bilal, Mahefoozurrahman

Guide: Prof. Shahezad Mobeen


Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Using IoT

This undertaking depends on utilization of Internet of things in transportation. The goals of this venture are evasion of street mishaps, ongoing reconnaissance of vehicles and emergency system. It additionally assists with finding the mishap spot, control the traffic light and encourages the vehicle to locate the briefest way.


Name of the students: Momin Zafar Aabid Zaheer Hasan and Miss Warkhede Pooja

Guide: Prof. Shahezad Mobeen