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Electrical Engineering

Duration Time 4 years

Electrical Engineering has an enormous and widespread impact on our daily lives. From power generation to electric vehicle charging, telecom networks to computing infrastructures, electric systems in our homes to the satellite technology: all are created, designed, and operated by electrical engineers. Creating the technology and systems of the future demands vision, technical expertise, and business acumen. We, here in the Department are striving to push forward the frontiers in the field of electrical engineering. Our department combines research with a rigorous and vibrant learning environment for all our students, and we aim to produce graduates who are excellently prepared for careers within and beyond electrical engineering. It gives me enormous choice to lead the Department of Electrical Engineering. Our college is one of the premier institutions, unique like a prism reflecting the manifold shades of learning and co-curricular activities. MMANTC is motivated hard towards the goal of providing pioneering and quality education with high standards to achieve academic excellence. We believe that approach to teaching-learning, coupled with practical experience gained during industrial training in reputed organizations, equips our students to handle the challenges posed by the electrical segment industry. I am confident that you will find our students worthy of your organization.