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E&TC Engineering

Duration Time 4 years

Engineering degrees are a fascinating and challenging choice, with well-qualified graduates being in high demand in global industries. 
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering is a most dynamically changing and ever-evolving branch since last more than 100 years. Electronics is the foundation on which Information Technology and Computer Engineering has grown. All high-speed networks and computers work on the hardware designed by an electronics engineer. Devices designed by Electronic Engineer feature in all aspects of modern life, including computers, mobile phones, robotics, the internet, digital television, satellites, aerospace, medical scanners, security systems, and sustainable energy.
The graduates of the Electronics & Telecommunication Stream have been selected by some of the leading Software Industries. The Department not only aims to make our students technically sound and knowledgeable but also to nurture their wisdom and make them a better and responsible human being. We hope that we will continue to deliver our best to serve the society and mankind. It is also expected that our students will continue to pass-on the skills which they have developed during their stay at this department to the whole of the world for a better society.